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Fine-Grain DDoS Mitigation

Captures huge amount of attack IP addresses in the low-latency and high bandwidth environment , enabling other networking solutions for DDoS mitigation.

Application and Network Performance Monitoring

Through an in-depth analysis of the TCP and HTTP protocols, locate fault, alert on network and application performance abnormity in real time.

User Behavior Analysis

Look into the business traffic patterns and retrieves rich set of user information, page clicks, URLs, locations, and bandwidth, etc. Integrated with BI tools for value added services.

Multi-tenant Health Monitoring

Provides a scalable, high-performance, multi-tenant monitoring platform that can help cloud service providers to provide tenants health reports in real-time.

About us

ClearClouds provides network-based data discovery and analytic platform for data center IT operations and intelligent management. Founded in 2013, ClearClouds is headquartered in Wuxi, with branch offices in Nanjing, Beijing, and Silicon Valley. The company has a strong technical and business leadership team, with most ...